5 Job-Hunting Tips from Looking to Finding

You’ve heard the talk about the importance of eye-catching resumes, networking connections and best interviewing practices. And although those are important factors to keep in mind when searching for a job, there are more specific job-hunting tips to look at first.

Check out this list of five useful job-hunting tips that could be the difference between just looking for and finding a new job.

1) Reach out to places you really want to work

If you have a certain place in mind that you’ve always admired and wanted to apply, then reach out to it. Prepare a resume and cover letter describing how much you value the company and the great things they’ve done or are in the process of doing. Most importantly, deliver your credentials to the company in person and speak with the human resource manager about your interest and qualifications.

2) It’s about the quality, not the quantity

When sending resumes to companies, it’s easy to get caught up using the shotgun approach – just fire and hope that some company calls you back. But some, if not most, employers have specific requests they want included in their employee application processes, and a mass email of your resume and cover letter may not be covering all of the requirements. Sometimes employers want inclusion of a portfolio or writing samples, and by simply sending out multiple cookie-cutter emails to companies, you could be missing these specific requirements.

3) Utilize your social media skills

There’s no denying the impact that social media has had on our society. From Facebook to blogging, social media is everywhere and it’s only growing. So why not take advantage of this phenomenon? By writing blogs to show off your expertise and/or linking your social media profiles to sites that display your portfolio, you can put yourself in a better position for hire among many of today’s employers. You can even look beyond the usual job search sites like CareerBuilder.com and focus on social media job sites like TweetJobs.net.

4) Become your own mail carrier

Not in the literal sense – but figuratively speaking. Many job seekers get caught up in sending mass amounts of resumes and cover letters through email. While this is the more convenient option, it’s also the least personal. By walking door-to-door to the companies in which you’re interested, you can better assess the company’s needs, talk directly with a manager and put a face with your name.

5) Persistence can pay off

Call and/or email prospective employers at least once a week, if not twice a week. You may feel like you’re being a nuisance but your dedication to the job will only help you obtain it in the end. Besides, they’ve got to cave in eventually, right?

There are tons of helpful tips when looking for a job, and some are better than others. But at the end of the day, it’s finding what works best for you. So try starting with these five tips and see if you can’t go from in the job market to in the company payroll.