Why your Bachelors in Nursing is worth it

If you’re a licensed RN with your Associate of Science in Nursing, you may be thinking about continuing your studies to earn your Bachelor in Nursing. While it’s not mandatory for nurses to have their Bachelor, there are many good reasons why RN to BSN degree programs can be a good deal. Even though a Bachelor degree doesn’t automatically qualify nurses for raises or promotions, having the higher degree can make a difference in the eyes of employers. Plus, by earning your Bachelor, you are improving your skills and broadening your knowledge.

So, if you have your Associate degree – and you’re a resident of Kentucky – here’s why earning your Bachelor in Nursing online is a good deal for you and your career!

Management positions can require a BSN. Other higher-level areas you can pursue with your Bachelor include careers in research, consulting and teaching. Your skills can also be useful to organizations related to healthcare, including insurance and pharmaceutical companies and managed care organizations.

Another great reason to earn your Bachelor is simple: to be more competitive. It’s widely known that the field of healthcare is growing, and nursing opportunities are growing with it. But in a tough economy, it only makes sense to do everything you can to get your resume on the top of the stack. Having your Bachelor shows prospective employers that you are willing to go beyond the standard expectations and that you consider nursing more than a job – it’s your preferred career.

If you think a Bachelor of Science in Nursing would help you accomplish your goals – and if you are a student in the state of Kentucky – consider the benefits of Daymar College Online’s Nursing RN to BSN program. With online learning, you get the convenience of earning a higher degree without disrupting your current professional schedule. Plus, at Daymar, you also benefit from a One Course per Month class schedule. This allows you to focus on your learning without stressing out about multiple subject areas.

The curriculum at Daymar will build on your existing knowledge and skills in the biological, social and physical sciences. The program also emphasizes the advancement of your role that can include serving as a manager of care, teacher or caregiver in a healthcare setting. If you are a resident of Kentucky who is interested in advancing in the field of nursing, contact Daymar College today to find out more!