Daymar Graduate Accepted To Law School

Louisville, Ky. — The Online Campus of Daymar College is proud to announce that one of its graduates, Loretta Lynne Brantley of White Plains, Ky., has been accepted by Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which is based in Lansing, Mich. Brantley plans to begin her studies at the law school’s new Tampa, Fla. campus in September.

Brantley is a 2011 graduate of Daymar’s Online Campus, with a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice administration. In 2001, she graduated with an associate degree in paralegal studies from Daymar’s Owensboro, Ky. Campus.

Tracy Kane, criminal justice/paralegal program leader for Daymar’s Online Campus remarked, “Getting accepted into law school is a major accomplishment. Loretta has worked extremely hard in her course work and has never settled for ‘average.’ I could not be more proud of her and I will also be serving as her review support while she attends. A few of my paralegal faculty members have also volunteered to help her while she is in law school. We know our job doesn’t end at graduation and we’ll continue to support her as she achieves her goal of becoming a lawyer.”

A Kentucky resident for most of her life, Brantley lives in White Plains with her husband. They have four children. Brantley’s goals after completing law school are to become a practicing attorney. She plans to specialize in family law and eventually broaden her experience to include federal bankruptcy law.

Reflecting on the achievements that led to her acceptance into law school, Brantley said she owes special thanks to her sister, Deborah Finton, as well as Tracy Kane. “My sister was the one person who kept telling me I should go back to school and get my bachelor degree,” Brantley said. “Once I entered school, Tracy was my mentor – the person I looked up to. She gave me great encouragement and pushed me to continue forward throughout my classes.”

Kane recalls, “Loretta would drive to Madisonville to meet me so we could go over the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) exam and testing strategies. I also included her on the mock trial preparation and the physical trial so she could get the community service experience she needed for her resume. It’s important to make sure each and every student has the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Kane added, “I am excited for Daymar as well. This is a great accomplishment for our programs and proves that we do change lives one person at a time. We have a great online support team for our students, and it takes the entire team to help a student achieve their goals!”


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